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She was born in St. Petersburg (Russia).
Moved to Germany in 2002.
As an actress at the Russian Stage Theater since 2013.
Theatrical works:
- Baroness de Simian - "Marquis de Sade", Y. Mishima
- Akulina Gavrilovna - "Dreams and Dreams of Mishenka Balzaminov", A. N. Ostrovsky
- Magpie - “Let's play. or I count to five "
- Agrafena Grigorievna Kubyrkina - "Trouble from a tender heart", V. Sollogub
- Fekla, nanny Vasilisa - "A Lesson for Daughters", I. A. Krylov
- Augustine, grandmother - "8 loving women", Robert  Volume
- A woman with a child, a nun, a Polish lady, a hostess of a tavern - "I was going to execute the villain ..." or "Boris Godunov", A. Pushkin

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