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Theartre performance

Hello! Let's get acquainted!

We are the Russian Scene Theater. Professional repertory theater in Berlin, working in Russian and German under the direction of director Inna Sokolova-Gordon, a graduate of the Moscow State University of Culture and Art, workshop Yu.N. Malkovsky - one of the last students of K.S. Stanislavsky.

The creative history of our theater began in 2006 with the release of the first performance, and since then more than 40 premieres of Russian and world classics have taken place on our stage, including five performances for children.

Almost from the very beginning, our theater has become a frequent and welcome guest at many Russian and foreign festivals. Many performances have been awarded prizes and grand prix, and without undue modesty, we note that now, almost 15 years later, each of our new performances is of interest not only among our devoted friends and Berlin spectators, but at many festival venues in the countries of the former USSR and Europe. In the piggy bank "Russian Scene" participation in a variety of theatrical events in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saransk, Brest, Makhachkala, Tashkent, the Grand Prix of the XIII International festival of solo performances in Bitola, (Macedonia, 2011) and much more.

Since 2004, the theater has been operating an educational and creative studio for adults and an experimental creative workshop "Debut" for children from three years old. Young actors of the workshop are studying acting and are already producing their performances. The workshop gives young people the opportunity to be closer to the traditions of Russian culture and theatrical school and, of course, not to forget and develop the Russian language.

The members of the adult studio are actively involved in both the creative and touring life of the theater.

We are looking forward to not only new viewers, but also like-minded people who are ready to share with us the joys and delights of creativity!

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