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She was born in Kiev (Ukraine).
She came to Germany in 1995, enrolling in the Higher School of Music and Theater in Hanover, from which she graduated in 2000.
Moved to Berlin in 2001.
As an actress at the Russian Stage Theater since 2012.
Theatrical works:
- Madame Montreux - "The Marquis de Sade", Y. Mishima
- Akulina Gavrilovna Krasavina  - "Dreams and Dreams of Mishenka Balzaminov", A. N. Ostrovsky
- Glue - "Aesop or how to drink the sea", Figueirede "Fox and grapes"
- Charolotta von Stein - "A conversation in the Stein family about the absent Herr von Goethe", P. Hax (German version)
- Irina Nikolaevna Arkadina - "The Seagull", A. P. Chekhov (Russian and German versions)
- Gabi - 8 Women in Love, Robert  Volume

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