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She was born in Kiev (Ukraine).
After graduating from the linguistic university in 1995, she left for China, where she lived for 18 years.
In 2015 she moved to Germany.
As an actress at the Russian Stage Theater since 2018.
Theatrical works:
- Masha, or Maria Ilyinichna Shamraeva - "The Seagull", A. P. Chekhov (Russian and German versions)
- Kapochka, or Capitolina,  Raisa Panfilovna Pezhenova - "Dreams and Dreams of Mishenka Balzaminov", A. N. Ostrovsky
- Suzon - 8 Loving Women, Robert  Volume
- Hare - "Let's play,  or I count to five "
- Masha, or Masha  Boyarkina  - "Trouble from a tender heart", V. Sollogub
- Lukerya - "A Lesson for Daughters", I. A. Krylov

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